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For the Tuesday, November 3, 2020 California Presidential Election

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U.S. Presidential Race (includes many key links)

Our 12 State Ballot Measures (Propositions)

Helpful Voter Guides


Presidential Voter Guide - Easy to Read chart on differences between Trump and Biden


Like some of you, I have been disappointed by many of Donald Trump's disrespectful tweets and rude comments in the last four years. However, the decision to vote for a Trump/Pence administration is an easy one for me.

I am voting FOR Trump's APPOINTMENTS: Supreme Court Justices, other federal judges, ambassadors, the cabinet/executive departments, executive agencies and more than 50 independent federal commissions, etc.

I am voting FOR the POLICIES of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the Republican Party. Trump administration's many conservative accomplishments on family, religious liberty, international religious freedom, and life.

I am voting AGAINST the Biden/Harris' Far-Left Appointments, Policies, and Agendas. More In-Depth Resources comparing policies of Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris, Family Research Council Action

Theologian Wayne Grudem's Letter to an Anti-Trump Christian Friend
"You have an opportunity (by voting) to help protect the nation from great harm that would come from the Democratic party policies and to help the nation by promoting the great good that would come from Republican party policies."

Grudem: "The Democrats have moved further to the left, in the direction of a highly government-regulated, oppressive, anti-Christian, quasi-socialist country, then we have ever seen in our history. Is there no level of harmful policies that a party could advocate that would cause you to rise up and do what you could to stop them?"


God Help Us - Kamala Harris Voted Against Protecting Already Born Babies from Being Legally Murdered"

"No, Kamala Harris Isn't A ‘Moderate" – She's a Radical Threat to America", the Federalist


Click Here for Extensive Information on the California State Propositions

The following conservatives agree on positions for ALL Propositions:

Congressman Tom McClintock, Election Forum (Craig Huey), the Lincoln Club, Nancy Sandoval of Nancy's Picks,, and Robyn Nordell

We are united in recommending YES on Prop 20 and Prop 22 and NO on the rest of the propositions.


YES on PROP 20: Tougher penalties for Criminals

YES ON PROP 22: App-Based Drives and Jobs

NO On PROP 14: Stem Cell Research

NO On PROP 15: Taxes on Commercial Property
Proposition 15 is a direct attack on the original "Proposition 13." Click here or see below for more info.

NO On PROP 16: Brings back Affirmative Action

NO on PROP 17: Voting Rights for Paroled Felons

NO on PROP 18: Voting Rights for 17-Year-Olds

NO on PROP 19: Property Tax Transfers

NO on PROP 21: Local Rent Control

NO on PROP 23: Kidney Dialysis Clinics

NO on PROP 24: Consumer Privacy Law (establishes another bureaucracy)

NO on PROP 25: Ending Cash Bail


Election Forum Voter Guides for ALL 58 Counties
Posted 10/14/20. You may want to check out this conservative voter guide from my friend, Craig Huey of Election Forum. For ALL counties, he has recommendations for President, Propositions, U.S. Representatives, and State Assemblymembers. In counties which have races for State Senators and Judges, he covers those, as well.

Californians for Life Voter Guide

Faith Family & Freedom Voter Guide - Capitol Resource Institute


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  • Finding Your Polling Place
  • Finding a Ballot Drop-Off Box near you.
Other voter questions? Links to Every County Elections Office in California

Returning Your Completed Mail-In-Ballot: At this point, the best way is to turn in your ballot at an official voting center (a polling place) OR to drop it off at an official county ballot box.

Regarding Mailing Your Ballot: (IF you mail it in, it needs to be POSTMARKED by 11/3 in order to be counted. That means you should drive it to the post office if you plan to mail it). IMPORTANT – Be sure to sign and date your completed mail-in-ballot.

Another option for returning your ballot: You may also choose to have a trusted person deliver it on your behalf, but they must sign the upper right area on the rear of the envelope and indicate their relationship to you (family member, friend, etc.).

How to Track Your Ballot after casting your vote.