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Conservative Voter Recommendations & Resources for the
Tuesday, June 7, 2022, California Statewide Direct Primary Election


For the upcoming California Elections

Robyn's Orange County Voter Guide (including JUDGES) - Updated 6/6
Robyn's PDF voter guide includes extensive Orange County and statewide recommendations.

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If possible, Cast Your Vote in Person. Each O.C. city has several Vote Centers, with some opening on May 28 and others opening on June 4. On Election Day, June 7, Vote Centers will be open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Here's a list of O.C. Vote Center Locations and their operating hours

A friend who has studied Election Integrity issues suggests the following: at the Vote Center, take your ballot out of the envelope, sign in at the Vote Center as you normally would at a precinct location and cast the ballot you were mailed right there. You may fill out your ballot in advance or after you sign in. You will place your ballot, without an envelope, in the ballot box yourself.

If it is not practical to vote in person, and you can choose to mail your ballot or drop it off at an official O.C. ballot drop location, help to ensure your completed ballot gets where it's supposed to go by Signing Up for the "Where's My Ballot" tracking system.

ADDITIONAL Orange County Voting Guides from Some Trusted Conservative Friends

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