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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 California General Election

Thank you so much for visiting my Election Website! Whether you are looking for direct voter recommendations, resources for doing your own research, or other political resources, I trust that you will find this site to be helpful. Research is currently in progress, please check back near the end of September.

A few races...


U.S. SENATOR: Unfortunately, one of these two Democrat candidates is going to be our next U.S. Senator: very liberal, 85 year old incumbent Dianne Feinstein or far-left, 51 year old CA State Senator Kevin DeLeon. (DeLeon is young enough to hold that seat for decades. He has been running to the left of Feinstein.)

Conservatives have two options - skip the race or use your vote strategically to try to block the candidate likely to Do The Most Harm in the long run.

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JOHN COX is a small government, Conservative businessman, CPA, and attorney. He is a prolife, social and fiscal conservative who is focused on slashing regulations and making the state more welcoming to businesses. John supports 2nd Amendment rights, supports the rights of parents to choose their children's form of education, including homeschooling. He strongly opposes changing Proposition 13. He opposes the Sanctuary State law, and the Cap and Trade gas tax increase, and was been a leader in the Repeal of the Gas Tax drive.

Comments on Gavin Newsom to follow...

LT. GOVERNOR: Unfortunately, one of these two far-left Democrat candidates is going to be our next Lt. Governor: Ed Hernandez or Elenia Kounalakis. Conservatives have two options - skip the race or use your vote strategically to try to block the candidate likely to Do The Most Harm.

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CONTROLLER: Konstantinos Roditis

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ATTORNEY GENERAL: Judge Steven Bailey
Judge Bailey would make an amazing attorney general!

I totally agree with Nancy’s Picks, which states:
“JUDGE STEVEN BAILEY is an excellent, well-qualified, Constitutional Conservative. He is currently a Superior Court judge in El Dorado County, w/ a wide, diverse background in CA law. His views check all the boxes for Family Values issues.

Bailey is attempting to oust the current appointed and FAR-LEFT-LEANING Attorney General, Xavier Becerra. He [Becerra] is terrible!

Bailey is endorsed by tons of the Conservatives, including the CA Republican Assembly, my favorite conservatives, Senator John Moorlach, Congressman Tom McClintock, and local Assemblyman Matt Harper to name just a few. Judge Bailey is also recommended by Conservative Ballot Researcher, Craig Huey, giving Bailey his highest 5 star recommendation.”

Poizner is greatly preferable to his leftist opponent

Steve Poizner is a registered “Independent” and is greatly preferable to leftist opponent. Steve opposes changing Prop 13, opposes taxpayer funded abortions, wants more free market competition in the insurance industry, promotes health savings accounts, and opposes a Single Payer Health Plans.

Comments on Ricardo Lara to follow...

Marshall Tuck
Tuck is greatly preferable to his leftist opponent

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Dist 1: Republican Ted Gaines

Dist 2: Republican Mark Burns

Dist 3: Republican G. Rick Marshall

Dist 4: Republican Joel Anderson

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