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Extensive Recommendations for the
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 California General Election

Please continue to check back as additional recommendations will continue be added.
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Note from Robyn:

Thank you so much for visiting my Election Website! Whether you are looking for direct voter recommendations, resources for doing your own research, or other political resources, I trust that you will find this information to be useful. Can you help us by letting your friends and family know about this site?

What’s At Stake in the November Elections?

  • 17 Statewide Propositions (Some are vitally important!)
  • California’s U.S. Senate race
  • 53 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives
  • 20 seats in the State Senate
  • 80 seats in the State Assembly
  • Judges (in some counties)
  • Important Local Races like School Boards, City Councils, Measures...
  • Presidency. (Realistically, however, Californians will most likely have far more influence over the outcome of the above races than on the presidency.)
In every election season in California, there are important local races which are won or lost by less than 100 votes. For example, OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen initially “lost” her race by 7 votes. After a recount, it was determined that she had actually won by 3 votes. The results of this election will impact your lives and the lives of your children, grandchildren and those you love. Please vote and urge your like-minded friends to do the same!


Voter Guides & Voter Info for ALL California Counties
Some counties are covered more extensively than others.
We will continue to post county-specific info as it becomes available.

We will continue to add additional proposition resources as they become available.

JUDGE Recommendations for counties which have contested judge elections

Non-Partisan Voting Guides & Voting Resources which are suitable for churches
Tips & Resources for doing your own research
Pastors Guidelines for Political/Legislative Activities, and more

Robyn Nordell's Conservative ORANGE COUNTY Voter Guide – PRINTABLE
For the November 8, 2016 CA General Election
(Updated 10/22/16) This list will continue to be updated - and possibly “tweaked” a bit - as more advisors get back to me on remaining races).

ORANGE COUNTY Voter guides from these conservative sources:
Nancy Sandoval, Craig Alexander, Senator John Moorlach, Kathy Dittner, Scott Peotter, and more


Robyn consulted numerous sources/advisors in the process of making her recommendations. Some of the candidates on her recommendation list are excellent. Some, however, are just the best of the available options. Her recommendations do not imply support for every position, statement or behavior of a candidate.

PRESIDENT: Donald Trump

My Vote For Trump is a Vote To Block Hillary Clinton, and the harm that will be done by her Liberal Progressive Political Agenda, her Advisors and her Appointments. It goes without saying that both Presidential candidates are tremendously flawed. Donald Trump was not my choice of primary candidate. However, we only have two viable options.

Donald Trump has chosen an excellent conservative running mate in Governor Mike Pence and has some good advisors (Hillary has neither.). The next President may appoint up to 3 or 4 US Supreme court justices, as well as hundreds of other judicial and federal appointments that will impact the future of this nation for decades to come. Trump has listed 11 superb potential US Supreme Court nominees-Hillary’s nominees will be liberal progressive. For more information on the extreme dangers of a Hillary Clinton presidency, check out these sources below.

10/3/16 - FRC Action Blog: A Hillary Clinton Presidency: The Radical Revolution, by Sarah Perry, Oct. 3, 2016
This is a well-researched public policy piece on what a Clinton Presidency would look like.

10-15-16 Mark Thiessen: Hillary Clinton is a threat to religious liberty

10/14/16 FOX News: “Newt Gingrich: Hillary’s Dangerous Dream of Open Borders”

I agree with Franklin Graham who says: “There’s no question, Trump and Clinton scandals might be news for the moment, but who they appoint to the Supreme Court will remake the fabric of our society for our children and our grandchildren, for generations to come.”

ROBYN’S COMMENTS ON U.S. SENATE RACE: No Recommendation; just some thoughts:

Both US Senate candidates are Progressive Democrats (very liberal). Neither candidate is pro-life or pro-family. As CA Secretary of State, Kamala Harris failed to uphold the will of more than 8 million California voters when she and Gov. Brown refused to defend Proposition 8 (marriage between a man and a woman). Loretta Sanchez is slightly more conservative and possibly easier to unseat in a future election.

Recommendations for California’s 17 Statewide Propositions from Robyn and numerous conservative sources.


YES on only 3 Propositions: Prop 53; Prop 54; Proposition 66

NO on all the rest: 51; 52; 55; 56; 57; 58; 59; 60; 61; 62; 63; 64; 65; and 67
(There is a split among conservatives on Proposition 52 – both sides make good points.)

Robyn’s Judge Page contains direct recommendations for counties which will have Contested Superior Court Races on the November 8, 2016 ballot. (Alameda, Kern, LA, Marin, San Bernardino, and San Francisco) You’ll also find ideas for researching judicial races.

This page includes helpful research tips plus a variety of research links. 10/20/16 note: Additional resources will be added soon.


OFFICIAL California Voter Info for the Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 Presidential Election – Secretary of State

Links to Every County Elections Office in California
For Questions about Registering to Vote, Vote-By-Mail Ballots, Polling Places, Sample Ballots, etc.

KEY ELECTION DATES for the November 8, 2016 California Election

October 24, 2016: Last day to register to vote
November 1, 2016: Last day to request vote-by-mail ballot
November 8, 2016: Election Day -- Polls open 7am to 8pm


Comparison of the 2016 Democrat and Republican Platforms

"While platforms are non-binding documents, research shows they matter—significantly. One study found that in the past 30 years, Republicans in Congress voted for positions supported by their party platform 89 percent of the time, while Democrats did so at a rate of 74 percent. If Republicans and Democrats in Congress make good on their party platforms' promises, people of faith heading to the polls in November can be confident that Republicans will defend life, marriage, and religious liberty, while Democrats will continue to put those same values under direct assault.

The difference between the two parties' platforms could not be clearer on values issues."

This Family Research Council piece shows the stark difference in the two parties' platforms on Marriage, Abortion, Religious Freedom, Education, Military, and more.

ELECTION NEWS – California & National

FOX News-Elections
Stephen Frank's California Political News & Views
Family Research Council Action
CitizenLink (associated with Focus on the Family, Alliance Defending Freedom and Family Research Council)
World Magazine


"PragerU's mission is to spread the ideas that made America great through the power of the internet. Our five minute videos are conservative sound bites, providing talking points to over 100 million people a year."

Great for watching during this election season, especially with teens and college students! Check out the full list of topics at Below are a few timely topics to get you started.

How Big Should Government Be? Left vs. Right #1
"How big should the government be? And what is its proper role in the daily lives of Americans? The Left and Right have opposite answers." Presenter: Dennis Prager.

Do Big Unions Buy Politicians?
Who poses the biggest threat to America's economy by striking deals with crooked politicians? Big Oil, Big Pharma, or Big Unions? Daniel DiSalvo, political science professor at the City College of New York, gives the answer.

What is Crony Capitalism?
This election season there's a lot of talk about corruption, about politicians being "bought and sold", and about "crony capitalism". What do those terms mean? Why should we care? Is there a way to reduce corruption and restore our trust in government? Author Jay Cost, staff writer at The Weekly Standard, answers these questions and proposes a solution that every society could benefit from.