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Extensive Recommendations & Voter Guides for the
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 California Primary Presidential Election
Thank you so much for visiting my Election Website! Whether you are looking for direct voter recommendations, resources for doing your own research, or other political resources, I trust that you will find this site to be helpful. Research is currently in progress, so we hope to begin posting recommendations and multiple voter guides near the end of January through early February.

You can Register to vote or RE-Register online, here. (You will need to re-register if you want to change your political party preference, or if you have changed your name, or moved since you last registered.)

IF you want a paper voter registration card, you can pick one up at any DMV, many post offices, public libraries, gov’t offices, or request one from

You can Check Status of Your Voter Registration here.

Important! Are You Registered “NO PARTY PREFENCE instead of Republican?” For those of you 1) who are currently registered as, “No Party Preference,” and 2) would like an opportunity to vote for the Republican Presidential Race and for the Republican central committee members in the March election (in addition to all the other races), you will need to re-register as “Republican” For more information on this topic, see “No Party Preference Information” Here.



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