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Coming in October 2020… Extensive Recommendations & Voter Guides for the
Tuesday, November 3, 2020 California Presidential Election

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(for portions of LA, Ventura, and Riverside Counties)

Basis for Robyn's Recommendations

I believe in seeking an abundance of counsel from wise people. I consulted more than twenty conservative advisors in the process of making my election decisions.

All of my major advisors share my basic value system and political philosophy. We believe in Judeo-Christian values, in the sanctity of life, in the importance of defending parental rights, religious freedoms, and the institution of marriage as being between a man and a woman. We believe in limited government, judicial restraint, a strong national defense, and national sovereignty. We are pro-Second Amendment and fiscally conservative. We care about preserving our precious U.S. Constitution, about justice, honor, integrity, and character.

Though we all share the same basic value system, we sometimes look at issues and candidates differently. Our common values (above) don't always fall in the same order of priority. In some races we are blessed to have one or more excellent candidates. In other races, a choice needs to be made from less than perfect candidates or unfortunate circumstances (like multiple good or acceptable candidates running against a well-funded liberal candidate). We don't always agree on the best course of action.

I used a combination of factors in coming to my election recommendation decisions. I began with my own personal knowledge, based on having worked in elections and on legal/legislative issues for twenty years. I asked advice of others in every race, even in those races in which I had a strong preference. In races where I was less familiar with candidates, I relied very heavily on the advice of my advisors, looking for specific insights and for areas of consensus. Depending on the race and the time and resources available to me, I also checked websites, questionnaires, and political scorecards from trusted public policy group and activists, and spoke with many of the candidates, some in depth.

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I pray that you will find this election information helpful as you make your voting decisions.

My recommendation to vote for a particular individual should not necessarily be taken as an endorsement of his or her character or position on ALL issues. SOME of the candidates on my recommendation list are absolutely outstanding! In some races, however, candidates listed were selected as being the best choice among less than perfect options.