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Extensive Recommendations for the
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 California General Election

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For the November 8, 2016 California State General Election

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Official Government Voting Info for the Nov 8, 2016 California General Election
Text of the Proposition and Official Arguments For/Against

The following Conservative Sources are In Agreement on 15 of 17 State Propositions
(They only differ on Propositions 52 and 65)

Senator John Moorlach (The only California legislator who is a C.P.A. and Certified Financial Planner)

Frank Kacer of Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego

Nancy Sandoval of

California Republican Assembly

Craig Huey of Election Forum

NOTE: "( C )" is a State Constitution change; "(S)" is a Statute change; "(R)" is a Referendum

Proposition 53
Prop 53 Voter Approval Requirement on Revenue Bonds above $2B (C)
Proposition 54
Prop 54 Public Display of Legislative Bills (C & S)
Proposition 66
Prop 66 Death Penalty Reform (S)
Proposition 51
Prop 51 (Bond): Public School Facility BOND (S)
Proposition 55
Prop 55 Extension of Proposition 30 Income TAX INCREASE (C)
Proposition 56
Prop 56 Healthcare, Research & Prevention Tobacco TAX (C & S)
Proposition 57
Prop 57 Parole of Non-Violent Criminals & Juvenile Criminal Proceedings (C & S)
Proposition 58
Prop 58 Non-English Language Education (S)
Proposition 59
Prop 59 Overturn of Citizens United Act – Advisory Question
Proposition 60
Prop 60 Condoms in Pornographic Films (S)
Proposition 61
Prop 61 State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards (S)
Proposition 62
Prop 62 Death Penalty Repeal (S)
Proposition 63
Prop 63 Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine Ban (S)
Proposition 64
Prop 64 Marijuana Legalization (S)
Proposition 67 (A "NO" vote repeals SB 270)
Prop 67 Referendum on Ban of Single Use Plastic Bags (R)

Proposition 52 - California Medi-Cal Hospital Reimbursement Initiative (S & C)

Recommending YES on 52: Senator John Moorlach,

Recommending NO ON 52:
Craig Huey of Election Forum, Frank Kacer of Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego, California Republican Assembly

Proposition 65 - Redirecting Mandated Carry-Out Bag Fee

Recommending YES ON 65: California Republican Assembly

Recommending NO ON 65:
Craig Huey of Election Forum, Frank Kacer of Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego,, Senator John Moorlach

Insightful Article on Propositions 51 & 53

Senator Moorlach recommends NO on Proposition 51 and YES on Proposition 53

The Desensitization Of Debt – An Accountant's Analysis Of Propositions 51 & 53, Hoover Institution, by Senator John Moorlach, Tuesday, August 30, 2016