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Tuesday, June 5, 2018 California Primary Election

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GOVERNOR: Robyn Recommends John Cox

We can probably all agree that either John Cox or Travis Allen would be a vastly superior governor to the leading leftist Democratic candidates, Gavin Newsom or Antonio Villaraigosa. However, having any Republican in the top two is an uphill battle.

Since neither Cox nor Allen is going to drop out and support the other, I believe it is wise to rally behind the one with the financial means (Cox) and the history of better polling (Cox) to get to the top. Should multiple, credible polls in the next couple of weeks consistently show Allen in the lead, and should Allen show the financial means to compete in this important statewide race, I will reconsider my recommendation.

JOHN COX is a successful businessman and fiscal conservative who is focused on fiscal issues — slashing regulations and making the state more welcoming to businesses. He is solidly pro-life, and is endorsed by the California ProLife Council. John is conservative on social issues, supports 2nd Amendment rights, supports the rights of parents to choose their children's form of education, including homeschooling. He strongly opposes changing Proposition 13. He opposes the Sanctuary State law, and the Cap and Trade gas tax increase, and has been a leader in the Repeal of the Gas Tax drive.

John has been polling at or near the top two in the governor's race for many weeks. John Cox has the means and the message to reach the Top Two if conservatives support him over his opponent.

TRAVIS ALLEN - there is much that I appreciate about him. He has taken conservative stands on many issues, including the fight over homeschooling in CA. The Voter Guide below will show that Travis and John have quite similar conservative views on many, but not all, issues.

Travis makes an issue of being pro-life, and speaks of the evils of Planned Parenthood; unfortunately, his voting record in Sacramento does not support his words. In many cases Travis has abstained on bills and resolutions related to the abortion issue, including on Planned Parenthood.

I'm not in any way suggesting that Travis is actively pro-choice, but this pattern of abstentions on abortion votes speaks to credibility on abortion and other issues. When a candidate chooses to regularly portray himself as an advocate for or against an issue, and his voting record shows a pattern of abstentions on that same issue, it gives me pause.

Comparison of positions of John Cox and Travis Allen (and other candidates for statewide offices)