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Currently-Posted Recommendations were for the June 3, 2014 CA Primary Election

Coming in Oct 2014…
Recommendations for the November 4, 2014 CA General Election
JUDGE RECOMMENDATIONS for the June 3, 2014 California Primary Elections

More Recommendations Coming Soon...

I always check out the judge voter guide from my knowledgeable, conservative friend, Craig Huey.

By early to mid-May, there will be additional judge recommendations on a number of County Pages. Orange County will have judge recommendations from numerous conservative sources.

Basic Information on the California Court System

ADDITIONAL WAYS OF FINDING OUT ABOUT JUDGES – for those who want to do their own research.
  • Check with lawyers and those within the court system who you know have similar values and philosophy to your own. They may be able to give you advice.
  • Check with conservative, knowledgeable, and trusted legislators and activists in your county. Some of them research judge candidates and are prepared to share their recommendations.
  • Attend a Debate or Other Public Speaking Event. Many judicial candidates participate in/speak at candidate forums and other events.

    If you have an opportunity to interview candidates running for judge, you might want to incorporate some of the questions used in Candidate Questionnaire.
  • Check candidates’ websites for basic information and their endorsement lists. You might do a Google search for the candidates’ names and various issues. Sometimes even pictures on the candidates websites give insightful clues about the candidate – who they are pictured with, at what events, etc.
  • Look for more ideas in KCET’s article, “How to Judge a Judge,” by Brian Frank.
DISCLAIMER: I’m posting this article because it has some good ideas Under the Section, “Resources to Help You Evaluate the Candidates.” However, I would not pay much attention to the mentions of the liberal State Bar or the liberal LA County Bar Association’s ratings - historically they favor Liberal Judge candidates NOT conservatives.

BASIC INFORMATION on the California Court System
Fact Sheet – California Judicial Branch
Basics on California Supreme Court, Appeals Courts, and Superior Courts

Official California Courts Website
Extensive information on the California Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, and Superior Courts, including bios of Justices of both the Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal.

Student Resource Center Materials
Of the Orange County Superior Court
California Court Overview-FLOW CHART
California Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Courts
California Court History / Structure
Criminal Court
Civil Cases
Juvenile Court

California Courts Judicial Selection/Election/Retention Process
California Court Duration of Term
Supreme Court 12 years
Court of Appeals 12 years
Superior Court 6 years
California Court Method of Retention
Supreme Court Retention election
Court of Appeals Retention election
Superior Court Reelection
California Court Time Frame for Election/ Appointment
Supreme Court 10 years' practice of law in state or service
as a judge of court of record
Court of Appeals 10 years' practice of law in state or service
as a judge of court of record
Superior Court 10 years' practice of law in state or service
as a judge of court of record

Selection and retention methods and term lengths are prescribed by Article VI of the California Constitution.

Judicial Positions

Judge: An official of the judicial branch of government with authority to decide lawsuits brought before the court. Elected or appointed by the Governor.

Commissioner: A person elected by the judges of the court and given the power to hear and make decisions in certain kinds of legal matters.

Referee: A person appointed by the Court who can make decisions on limited legal matters such as juvenile or traffic offenses.

Judge Pro Tem: A person or judge appointed by the Presiding Judge of a particular county to sit temporarily on a given court usually in the regular judge's absence.

Temporary Judge: A member of the State Bar appointed by the court and stipulated to by the parties to hear cases and make decisions in certain kinds of legal matters.

The above chart was used with permission of the American Judicature Society.
Source: AJS Methods of Judicial Selection: California