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Of Council Members Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Pat McKinley

Robyn's Position-YES on the Fullerton Recall!
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WHY Robyn Supports the Fullerton Recall
Police Unions Fund the ANTI-Recall Side
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Pat McKinley's Seat
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Other Fullerton Issues
FPD Spokesperson Change
I Support Dan Hughes, Fullerton's Acting Chief of Police

WHY Robyn Supports The Fullerton Recall
During the public comment section of a fall Fullerton City Council meeting, a young man said: "We are not recalling you because of what happened to Kelly Thomas. We know that the three of you are not directly responsible... We are recalling you because of what you haven't done." He hit the nail on the head.

My primary reason for voting FOR the recall is the Failure of Leadership exhibited by Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Pat McKinley in the weeks and months following the death of Kelly Thomas.

Two secondary reasons:
First, I take issue with these "Republican" city council members not acting as small-government proponents. Here's one example, articulated well by candidate Travis Kiger: "Fullerton's $500 million pension debt is a serious problem…previous councilmembers have been over-influenced by public employee union money and have failed at negotiating on behalf of the taxpayers." (These comments do not apply to Bruce Whitaker who is Excellent on fiscal issues.)

Second, Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley handled the follow-up of the Oct 2010 mistaken police raid of my home very poorly. In March 2011, I gave them non-disputed evidence of this mistaken raid; I also gave them evidence of the poor follow-up by the FPD. I asked them to look into this incident to minimize the odds of this happening to another Fullerton family. Five months later, not one of these three men had ever talked to me about this. They ONLY took action when I put them in a position where they had to. Note: Bruce Whitaker was excellent on this issue from the start!

(One year after the incident, my continued efforts resulted in a new, positive policy for wrongful home entries, letters of apology from both the Fullerton Police Department and the City Council, a city council presentation on this mistaken raid, a public apology, 35+ media sources covering the apology, etc.)

Recall site statements on Reasons to Recall Councilmembers Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Patrick McKinley

Although I am FOR the recall, I need to post a disclaimer- there have been many instances of demeaning comments and incredibly rude behavior towards these three city council members. Those comments and behaviors do not represent my values.

Police Union Funding of the ANTI-Recall Campaign:
FYI-Both the Fullerton Police Officers Association PAC ($19,000) and the Police Officers Research Association of California ($10,000) have poured thousands of dollars into the Anti-Recall campaign.

While the police unions have every right to use their member's dues in this election, this does not seem like a great P.R. move on their part.


I suggest a YES vote on the recall. However, whether you vote for or against the recall, you will want to vote for a replacement candidate for each seat.

Recall site statements on Reasons to Recall Councilmembers Dick Jones, Don Bankhead, and Patrick McKinley

Candidate List and Contact Information (From the Fullerton City Clerk)

Candidate Campaign Statements (From the Fullerton City Clerk)

(Jones' term expires November 2012)
  • Travis Kiger - (Republican)
    A Fullerton Planning Commissioner and blogger at Friends for Fullerton's Future

    Travis has been endorsed by County Supervisor Shawn Nelson, State Assemblyman Chris Norby, Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker, and Fullerton School Board Member Chris Thompson.

    I am voting for Travis Kiger as the best choice in this race.

    Travis represents a challenging issue for me as some of his big picture political values, such as fiscal conservatism and accountability in government, seem to closely mirror my own. However, Travis' leadership role in the blog,, is problematic for me. (Travis is one of many bloggers on this site.) While there is some good info in some of the FFFF posts, many of the posts and readers comments go against my values (demeaning comments, profanity, drawing conclusions on important topics based upon very limited info, etc)

    Travis Kiger's Platform
    "The Issues: Fullerton is a great town, but it is facing many important issues today. Here are some items that we must address: Stop the Illegal Water Tax; Pension reform; Support Local Businesses: Get Government Out of the Way; Transparency and Open Government; Fix Our Streets; and Police Accountability." Travis Kiger's ballot statement
Other Candidates for the Jones Seat:
  • Glenn Georgieff (Democrat) IT Specialist

  • Roberta Reid (No Party Preference) Student

  • Dorothy Birsic (Republican)

  • Matthew Hakim (Democrat) Musician; artist

(Bankhead's term expires November 2014)
  • Greg Sebourn-Robyn Proudly Endorses Greg Sebourn! -
    (Republican) Businessman/Educator; The Chair of the Fullerton Citizen's Infrastructure Review Commission and Assemblyman Chris Norby's Alternate on the Orange County Republican Central Committee. Robyn supported Greg when He ran for Fullerton City Council in 2010.

    Greg Seabourn has been endorsed by Assemblyman Chris Norby, OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker, and Fullerton School Board Member Chris Thompson.

    Greg is both fiscally and socially conservative. Greg is an advocate for fiscal conservatism, accountability in government, and small government advocacy.

    Greg: "Regarding my political philosophy, I am an activist for limited government that focuses responsibilities on core services such as public safety and infrastructure management. I believe in transparent and open governance, and that City Hall should work for us, not against us. I have found significant waste and fiscal mismanagement with Water Fund revenues which the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers' Association has characterized as illegal. Read more about my efforts to combat inflated government at I will continue to root out waste while addressing public safety and the infrastructure. You can learn more about my philosophy and issues I feel strongly about at"
Other Candidates for the Bankhead Seat
  • Paula Williams (Democrat)
    Public employee.

  • Jane Rands (Green Party)
    Systems Engineer; The Chair of the Fullerton Bicycle Users Subcommittee and Treasurer of the Green Party of Orange County. Jane ran for the State Assembly on the Green Party ticket in 2010.

  • Rick Alvarez (Republican) Business owner/Planning Commissioner
    A Fullerton Transportation & Circulation Commissioner

(McKinley's term expires November 2014)
  • Barry Levinson – (Republican)
    Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commissioner/Auditor
    Levinson ran for Fullerton City council in 2010.

    Barry Levinson has been endorsed by Assemblyman Chris Norby, OC Supervisor Shawn Nelson, Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Whitaker, and Fullerton School Board Member Chris Thompson.

    I am voting for Barry Levinson as the best choice in this race.

    Excerpt from Barry's Candidate Statement
    "I believe with the help of current Councilman Bruce Whitaker and the newly constituted council, I can help make a transformative difference to city government. My MBA degree with honors and my 35 plus years of auditing and accounting experience, make me uniquely qualified to handle the financial crisis facing this city... Fullerton faces many challenges. In facing those challenges I will bring honesty, integrity and character to the city council."
Other Candidates for the McKinley Seat
  • Doug Chaffee (Democrat)
    Business Attorney. He ran for the City Council in 2010.

  • Matthew Rowe (No Party Preference)
    Aerospace Project Manager

  • Sean Paden (Republican)
    Construction Attorney


The Recall Election will be consolidated with the June 2012 statewide primary election.

Official Fullerton Recall Site -

Candidate List and Contact Information (From the Fullerton City Clerk)

Candidate Campaign Statements (From the Fullerton City Clerk)

Recall FAQs (From the Fullerton City Clerk)

EXCERPTS from Recall FAQs:

Does the question to recall Councilmembers go on the same ballot as the replacement candidates?
Yes, the recall question will have two parts for each incumbent: 1) a question whether to recall the Councilmember, and 2) a slate of candidates to take that Councilmember's seat, if the recall succeeds.

If I vote against the recall of an incumbent, can I still vote on replacement candidates?
Yes, you can vote against the recall and still select a replacement candidate, should the recall succeed.

Do I have to vote on both parts of the recall question?
No, voters may vote or not vote on any question on the recall ballot they choose. For example, a voter does not need to vote on the question to recall an incumbent in order to cast a ballot for one of the replacement candidates.

How are the replacement candidates elected? Is it the candidates with the top three highest vote totals?
No. Candidates must state which seat they want to fill and run only for that seat. The top vote-getter for each seat would win the election for that seat.

What happens if the recall passes?
If a recall passes, the new Councilmembers will be sworn in at the first Council meeting after the Registrar has certified the election results, which can take up to 30 days. The new Councilmember will serve the term of the Councilmember they ran to replace. So, for example, if a Councilmember's term ends in November of this year, the new Councilmember would have to run again for their seat in the November election.

Fullerton Recall Articles

13 File for Fullerton Recall Race, OC Register, 3/10/12

Battle for Fullerton: The Field is Set, OC Political, Chris Nguyen, March 10, 2012

Recall election OKd for three Fullerton City Council members, LA Timesblog, 2/6/12

Details on 10/20/10 Nordell Family's Mistaken Police Raid / Resolved 10/11
We were able to resolve this incident to our satisfaction without filing a lawsuit. Here's the policy change, letters of apology from the Fullerton Police Department and the City of Fullerton, Robyn's statement, and more...


ISSUE: FPD spokesperson/P.I.O. also has a major role in the FPOA – FPD police union.

"A Lack of Trust," by Robyn Nordell, 9/21/11

VIDEO of Robyn's Comments at 9/20/11 City Council Meeting - 1:05:57 -1:08:50

SUMMARY of the Issue:
Andrew Goodrich, the Fullerton Police Department spokesperson/Public Information Officer, has had a major role in the Fullerton Police Officer's Association (police union). It was my position that having a police spokesperson who was also a union advocate heightened the distrust of information coming out of the Fullerton Police Department. I advocated for having a spokesperson who did not have a significant union role.

Jan 2012 UPDATE:
I am very pleased that our new Acting Fullerton Police Chief, Dan Hughes, does not have P.I.O. Andrew Goodrich doing on-camera interviews any longer. This satisfies the concerns that I expressed above.

Fullerton Names New Acting Police Chief, Lou Ponsi, OC Register, 12/21/11
"Capt. Dan Hughes will replace Capt. Kevin Hamilton, who had been acting chief since Michael Sellers went on medical leave in wake of Kelly Thomas death."

Appointing Dan Hughes to replace retiring Interim Chief Kevin Hamilton was a good move by the City of Fullerton.

I've been following the FPD closely since Oct 2010, when our family was the victim of a mistaken narc raid - cops were supposed to be next door. (The incident was initially handled poorly, but resolved well eventually, with the positive policy change for which I advocated, public and written apologies from the Fullerton Police Department and from the City of Fullerton, wide-spread news coverage of the public apology, etc.)

I learned a great deal about the FPD and Dan Hughes by working through my own incident and through my heightened awareness of other issues.

In addition to my own numerous interactions with Hughes, I've also watched Hughes interact with people (often angry) at the protests, city council meetings, and in other venues.

I have been impressed with him. Hughes is a 28-year veteran of the department. I've found him to be competent, intelligent, open, and knowledgeable. He's been incredibly helpful to me as I have asked questions about policies, procedures, and all kinds of things related to the FPD.

He has impressive people skills; he is a good listener; he treats people with respect. He has shown great wisdom and restraint in dealing with the protests and the city council meetings; he does not needlessly provoke and is not heavy-handed.

My many interactions and observations lead me to believe that he is a man of integrity, and that he is serious about leadership, responsibility, and accountability. Hughes cares about the community and has strong roots here-he grew up in Fullerton and has family here.