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Currently-Posted Recommendations were for the June 3, 2014 CA Primary Election

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Recommendations for the November 4, 2014 CA General Election
For the June 3, 2014 California Primary Elections

Robyn's Downloadable Voter Recommendations
For Statewide Constitutional Offices, Propositions 41 & 42, and ORANGE County Races

One-Stop Robyn's Picks
For Robyn's Recommendations PLUS links to many candidates' websites

Prop 41: NO
Prop 42: YES

Proposition Page for more information


CONGRESSMAN DANA ROHRABACHER'S Recommendations for the June 3, 2014 CA Election
Dana's Recommendations for South Orange County Voters
Includes State Offices, OC Judges and other County-Wide Offices, Prop 42 and Measure A

Craig Alexander's Voter Recommendations for Orange County, Statewide Offices, and Propositions.
Craig is an attorney, and is a knowledgeable, conservative activist in Orange County. He is the President of a local California Republican Assembly (CRA) chapter, a past Vice President of the CRA, and is a former Orange County Republican Central Committee member. Sandoval's Conservative Christian Voting Guide
Recommendations for Orange County, Statewide Offices, and Propositions.
Nancy is a knowledgeable and conservative South County source; she is an excellent researcher. I (Robyn) always check out her picks before finalizing my recommendation decisions.

Kathy' Pics - Kathy Dittner's Voter Recommendations for Orange County, Statewide Offices, and Propositions
Kathy was the founder and director of "Salt & Light," a pro-family, moral issues ministry which operated at Saddleback Church for almost 20 years. She is the past Vice-President of the Saddleback Republican Assembly and is a former Orange County Republican Central Committee member.

Peotter Picks for the June 3, 2014 California Primary Elections!
Brothers Bruce and Scott Peotter are knowledgeable Orange County conservative activists who have a great track record of giving solid recommendations for each election.

Candidates Supported by the Family Action PAC
The Family Action Political Action Committee's mission is to advance a culture in which human life and family are valued, personal responsibility is encouraged and liberty thrives.

JOHN MOORLACH'S Statewide and Orange County Recommendations for the June 3, 2014 Election Statewide Races - Moorlach's Campaign Update - Feet to the Fire - May 1, 2014
Congressional and State Legislative Races - Moorlach's Campaign Update - Star Wars Day - May 4, 2014


Re: 45th Congressional
Moorlach: "For the 45th, I would vote for Greg Raths."

Re: OC Supervisor Race (2nd District)
Moorlach: "One of my rare endorsements this election cycle is for Allan Mansoor. He was a Councilman and the Mayor of Costa Mesa before serving the 74th Assembly District in Sacramento. He is a former employee of the County of Orange and is intimate with its structure and functions. He has been a longtime stalwart on pension reform and paycheck protection. I could go on"...

Local OC Races, Part 1 - Moorlach's Campaign Update - Cinco de Mayo - May 5, 2014
County Superintendent of Schools, Board of Education, County Supervisor-2nd District, Supervisor 4th District, Assessor, Clerk-Recorder, DA, Sheriff-Coroner, Treasurer-Tax Collector

Local OC Races, Part 2 - Moorlach Campaign Update - Happy Mother's Day - May 11, 2014
County Supervisor-5th District and Auditor-Controller

Orange County Pro-Family Voter Guide for the June 3, 2014 California Primary Elections
In some races, the names of two or more "pro-family" candidates are listed.

Robyn's Note on the OC Pro-Family Voter Guide
Here are My Recommendations/Notes for those races in which 2 or more candidates' names appear in the same race on the OC Pro-Family Voter Guide:

Gov-Tim Donnelly

Board of Equalization, District 4: Diane Harkey

CD 45: State Senator Mimi Walters
(Retired Marine Colonel Greg Raths would also be a good choice.)

SD 32: Janet Nguyen

AD 73: Bill Brough

County Board of Supervisors # 2: Allan Mansoor

County Board of Supervisors # 5: Robert Ming (my favorite OC candidate!)


Robyn: YES on OC Measure A

Orange County Register, Opinion-Editorial: Yes on Orange County Measure A, 5/2/14
Excerpts: "Measure A would alter the county charter to require the 12 county elected officials, including the five supervisors, to pay their share of pension contributions." "While largely a symbolic gesture, since the actual cost savings for a handful of elected officials will be minor, this strikes these editorial pages as a common-sense and fair reform, especially given the fact that the county has been asking its employees to likewise cover their own pension contributions."

Robyn: NO on Anaheim Measure D

Robyn's Note - Measure D would change the Mayor's term of office from 4 years to 2 years. This would take effect in the middle of the current mayor's term, instead of being implemented at the start of the next mayor's term. It certainly appears that this is designed to limit the power of Mayor Tom Tait. Say NO to Measure D!

From Nancy Sandoval -
"On the surface this City Charter measure seems harmless, but it fact the measure smacks of game-playing politics. The city council's majority, who are not pleased with Mayor Tom Tait, put it on the ballot to cut Tait's time in office in half, though they claim it is to hold the mayor's office "more accountable". If the claim is true, why does the rest of the council still get a 4 year term? Say NO to the game-playing, and say NO to MEASURE D."