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Currently-Posted Recommendations were for the June 3, 2014 CA Primary Election

Coming in Oct 2014…
Recommendations for the November 4, 2014 CA General Election
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Whether you are looking for direct voter recommendations, resources for doing your own research, or other political resources, I trust that you will find this site to be helpful. Many conservative voting resources and recommendation lists, including my own, are posted on this site about four weeks prior to each primary and general CA election.

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POLITICAL & ELECTION NEWS – California & National
FOX News Politics
Stephen Frank's California Political News & Views
Breitbart California

Family Research Council
Home School Legal Defense Association-Federal Relations
HSLDA on "Common Core" Issues
American Center for Law and Justice

For the June 3, 2014 California Primary Election

Statewide Contests
Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General
Insurance Commissioner
Superintendent of Public Instruction
State Ballot Measures

District Contests
Board of Equalization
U.S. House of Representatives
State Senate
State Assembly

For the June 3, 2014 California Primary Election

Links to ALL CA County Registrar of Voters
Orange County Results

What Is It? Why Is It Dangerous? How To Take Action!

Heritage Network, The Foundry:
WATCH: "George Will Demolishes Arguments for Common Core in Under Two Minutes"

"Common Core Issues" - Excellent CC Info from Home School Legal Defense Association

"Common Core proponents offer upbeat descriptions of utopian educational goals along with detailed practical lists of what students should know and be able to do in grades K–12 in mathematics and English language arts. But those goals and standards are just two facets of the conglomeration of federal funding, preschool–workforce invasive student tracking, and one-size-fits-all computer-based learning that has become the Common Core."

FAQs: Everything you need to know about the Common Core at a glance!
Timeline: Where did the Common Core come from?
Glossary: Who are the major players & what do those abbreviations mean?
Analysis: For those who want more—our in-depth research behind the FAQs.
Get involved: How you can make a difference!
Recommended resources: For those who would like even more information.

"BUILDING THE MACHINE" – A Movie About The Common Core